Karlsruhe Straßenbahn


  • Beschreibung


    Straßenbahn Karlsruhe, 2005, 150 x 125 cm, Bleistift, Aquarell, Acryl, Lack, Öl, Sprühlack auf Leinwand


    This painting has been hanging in the townhall in Heidelberg in Heidelberg right opposite the mayor’s office on the first floor since 2016. When I was studying art/painting at the Art Academy in Karlsruhe I often took the tram to the studio space. Certain colours and forms reflect the interior of the space, which may give it a clinical appearance. The pull, depth and perspective of being taken in from an interior space fascinated me. This pull ends in a dark outdoor, urban landscape with a  window view of some Autobahn heading toward Berlin – do I need to move to Berlin as a German artist? An unknown future lay ahead for me.

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