enchanting sunrise


  • Beschreibung


    Original canvas painting by Sabine Geierhos

    46 x 38 cm, oil, acryl, watercolor, varnish, spray paint on canvas

    The evening before created the preliminary sketch, I was able to engage the fast incredible light phenomenon of the rising sun on the Costa del Sol from La Mairena on top of the mountains looking down on the coast of Mijas. In quick strokes, I filled the bold bulk of the canvas with the powerful orange-yellow-bright colors I studied and prepared in advance. The details of the mountain range and natural landscape, as well as the van, in whose safety I slept under the open sky. At a later stage in the studio, I put the light-dark contrasts with oil paints after, so that next to the flickering points and linear partial areas, the view is taken, but still led back to the large area of the enchanting sky light.

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