Camino 1.0


into the bones
Ffeeling the landscape
narrating space of experience
everything is possible
fast weather changes
fast changing economy
big ideas
unfinished projects
guest on the earth
traces of forebeards
dense brushwood
way of mobility over water
tide over the river into the countrys inside
5000 years ago
connection of western Europe


“In general there is a very strong case for the argument in favour of some at least of the motifs in megalithic art being derived from altered states of consciousness.” 

Elizabeth Shee Twohig


Hill of Tara

Camino The beginning




camino Day2 San Sebastian – Orio

the body talks
the right thigh
the right calf
then later the right foot
praying internally
grateful for the sunlight
walking slowly
my own rhythm
like instead of 100 km on the Autobahn now maybe 30 along play street
and suddenly I see more
pretty nature
pretty world



goodbye rabbit or hare
hidden champions
security for good money
met the dolphin
i need to lose my fear of it
then I am free
i shall never go back
to that place
where i can not speak my truth
the woman with wolves
black wolve wants the body to live
white wolve doesn’t fear death
i hope before i see you again you have a chance to die
anytime i feel offended the ego identifies
being treated infantilized and not treated as properly
my dream pulls me into a larger dimension of who i am meant to be but not yet aware of it
the dream builds me
innate instinctual self
attending to my love relationship as one would attend to a beloved garden



Zarautz – Zumaia


Zumaia – Deba

the creative process of the wolve women
women who live at the end of the world
everything is temporal
there is a season for everything
the irish have roots at their feet
the landscape is like Ireland
art commemorates the seasons of the soul
art is a map for those who follow after us
yesterday a dead rat
today a calf and baby sheep
birth and death



Deba – Markina

“gezähmt ist vertraut machen 
einzig sein in der Welt 
zähmen ist geduldig sein 
jeden Tag 
man läuft Gefahr ein bischen zu weinen, wenn man sich hat zähmen lassen” (aus der kleine Prinz)



Markina – Guernika

going faster pace when reflecting on the inside
told parrot story
suddenly a window opened
how was my last year?
sliding hawk
heading to Guernica
oversensitiv to sounds and noise
a car is suddenly annoying
bigger villages are suddenly to big
thought of the fellowship of the rings
and Ireland




Guernica suffering
~ 70% of the city bombed and destroyed by German Wehrmacht 1937 as Franco support and first European genocide of civil population
which death can I meaning my Ego die?
what can I leave behind?
flower of life
walking like a woman
15 km fly by like nothing
talking with women 24 – 35 – 48
three stadiums – circles – processes
space? Work? Studio?
the role as a woman
bird-of-paradise flower comparable to parrot
healing stories and shared experiences



la Arena – Castro Urdial

und doch auch Mann
Frieden schließen
Waden spüren
mutig sein
ehrlich sein
unsicher sein
von Raum
zum ausdrücken





The pain of love
no pain gain
narrative songs
it feels so good
please stay tonight with me
what it means? I don’t care
it’s right here right now
did you feel that righteousness? Did you lie all the time?
seems long ago my soul tells me it has been here before
strength and energy
longing for him to look into my soul
how does it feel?
when everything is already like that?
when I am so close to God?
when I have my loved one in my heart?
when I live my vocation?



Youth day



Paint day



3 years ago
then topics of the past
and the waves stormy
female support
love love love
still don’t know about the deer





San Vicente della Barquetera

One moment of rejection can lead into beautiful places
love is tolerance
love is mild
all nothing without love
and then the sunset under misty clouds
and all the heavens of the world
clouds projection in puddles
and waves




Space in Asturias
brutal cats though looks like a game
feeling of some half time
right here right now




Three weeks have passed
what now
community and fellowship
family and dreamers
in the gap
feeling a longing
where do you want me to be?




la Isla

Complex turns and twists
unexpected sobriety
misread hopes
a lot of feelings
round table
dolphin wind chime
warmth in tu casa
home grown vegetable
art in the backyard
dreams come true
not my dream
alone again



Climbing like flying
trust and let go
asturian dolphins
picos and valleys
30000 years
female deer
animal of strength
been here before
but never as free
dizzy like seasick
off balance



Esteban de Pravia

New adjustment with the pace
together taking care of myself
going with the flow
trusting the system
late start late walk late food
spanish way



El Pito

not speaking up
week 5 starts new with old friends
who want to heal
like the coasts scars


Soto de Luiña

Before and after sunrise
have I walked along this path
barking dogs annoyed me
while now they talk to me
as if saying: “We don’t think about it. We just let it all out.”
energy inside me
all these feelings bundled up
is my task to express them?
what this pure environment tells me?
reflections in puddles
connecting themes of roots and sky
surrender to loving






Dunkler Abgrund
große Augen
okay, ich folge dir hinab
neben Gesteinen
vorsichtig gleitend
entschleunigt spürend
jeden Tritt

Hab keine Angst
die Sonne wärmet
der Tröstende bei dir
du bist geschützt

War Vega das Ende?
Gijón Delfin-Flugschule?
Und nun suche ich
nach dem Lachs?
Oder ist das der Hase,
der mich hinabzieht
in düst’re Höhlen
Abgründe der Angst?


Tapia de Casariego

Tears came finally
such relief
though no rain in sunny days
week 5 coming to an end
of this camino junto
love and loneliness
complex and various emotions
all wanting to heal



Bye, bye Asturias
my old familiar friend
two sailing boats slide
on the river
that leads to the ocean
but they stay
on their own

so they won’t damage
their beautiful sails
and look with joy
on each others pace

so I leave you
my dear old friend
behind me
the seaguls join me
now and then moaning
other times chatting
to slide gently
in the skies
let go of this urge
high above grounds
to go into the darkness
and pull him inside
and also vice versa
I stay outside
I cross this bridge of new lands
You are my land!
I know you
from deep inside
the celtic roots
have grounded this core
and it can sense
the space between
my abyss low
and highest sky

Oh my friends
you join me along
the parrot brave
the rabbit deep
the dolphin light
the salmon wise
and maybe
female deers
or women wolf
or butterflies bloom
or seaguls cry

Oh what is more
I leave behind?
my ego pride
sexual shame
my self-centered way?
can a new center
a curcle inside
transform this energy
in expressive light

the dream in mind
the values cleared
dolphins’ lightness
salmons’ depth
curious parrot
rabbits’ security
like a peninsula safe
a harbor with some entry space
up on a hill, easy to view
at water deep
and light up top
and from this stable place
the ship can fade
out to unknown space
and return safe.



old behaviour patterns
light and heavy
connect on phone
silenced out with
fear attachment
spanish Easter
sunshine turns
windy clouds upon valleys
hills and stone carry on
familiar lands
kind people





Last night of camino junto
the inner farm aware
cave dances
show their wisdom
and still though goes
just one step at a time







Sobrado dos Mouxes

Highest point of the camino de norte
over 700m Cortepocos
reaching for the stars last night
the milky ways arm cradels us
humble in aw
a guest on this land
surrounded by animals
turkey, chicks and chickens
from red to white
clearer air
two falling stars southeast
exuberant welcome for the hero





über den Kreuzgang leuchtet
pink und hellblau der Himmel
Lampen blitzen
Licht an

I may not always love
But as long as there are stars above you
but never need to doubt it
I’ll make you so sure about it

The saturday market came to an end
people leaving
the trail comes to an end
the end of thecamino norte



Santiago de Compostela

sky and heaven
round the world
sudden sadness
deep emotions
and here we go

did i not notice my finale?
where do i stand
circle line
what do i want?
42 days
full 6 weeks
walking time

physically my worst condition
blood dropped down
monthly time
run with wolves
the feet are swolen
the skin burnt dry
what in life

yet to come
the dream
semana santa over
the heat is pausing
tomorrow on

incense vessel
in high spirits
construction works sound
in one roof
peace be with you
transition symbol
St James’s blessing
camino home





There I am
with pink sheets
orange walls
why did I want to come here?
a German eight year old watches TV
here I am
it’s not pretty
1st of May
dancing and music
lost in this dead place

two bays
west and east
Muxia and Finisterre
darkblue water
reunited with friends
world family vibe
singing love songs
the end is a new beginning?

it’s cold
nothing to say
it’s strange
and she knows
how to change
how i interact
closeby ones
what’s my motive?
how I connect
fatal fear
to listen to myself
the own truth isn’t worse
just because i keep it to myself

one night
in the throat
the prisoners walk barefoot
to Finisterre
the coast of the death
the ship
tired hospitalero
ego attachments
inside myself
i found a girl
i seem to not want to go
seems not like the right timing





Don’t need to understand everything
negative energy through people
the mental and the way
therefore pressure
open space in between
healing vehicle
the dloor dropped into space
between two worlds
Finisterre and Muxia
calm is the deep blue sea
source of sprinkled water
where the river meets the sea
the seaguls sing
a parrot






Camino Norte, März + April 2017