Sabine Geierhos

"Artistic depth exists in a work where the conceptual meets the fire that burns in me, where the knower meets the searcher." - Sabine

Lacquer, spray paint, textiles, paper. Layers of paint slowly hardening.
Sunfire orange, spacious blue running across studied landscapes.

Sabine Geierhos’s works have been said to hold the full range of human experience. Together the myriad overlapping spaces create a forceful, uneven and mystic surface, and this conflict between elements on a canvas is a meditation on the sometimes smooth, sometimes violent gathering of the disparate elements of an identity.

Her works display a clever interaction of various materials and painting techniques, often involving acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, varnish, polished stone, sand and binder. Spatial depth, a sense of grandeur and distance in the natural world and waterscapes, and hauntingly meaningful objects and figurescarry just as much weight as cities like Jerusalem or Rio de Janeiro, thus honoring the different kinds of spaces shaping her experience and values.

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"The paintings moved me to think about our time…and about the way we wonder."
~ Susann Schmid
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“Perhaps holiness is nothing else than the capacity for finding loveliness in all things.”
~ Maria Popova
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Sabine Geierhos

Meet the artist

Sabine Geierhos’s works embody a multitude of experiences, with overlapping spaces creating an uneven and mystic surface that reflects the conflict between disparate elements of identity. This conflict is explored through a meditation on the canvas, where smooth and violent elements converge.

Sabine finds a sense of grounding by shaping a variety of environments on canvas, which have deeply influenced her. Her work reflects a continual longing for spiritual orientation, personal, familial and cultural history, and the process of uncovering, which is evident in the colors, lines, figures and contrasts that belong together but can hardly be taken in all at once.